We are entrepreneurs ourselves therefore understand what it takes to make a business work and how to keep costs low. We own the site, so this space is as much about bringing people together in a fun way as it is about earning revenue. We want to be a meeting space for more mature business owners to seek out other like-minded entrepreneurs as well as start-ups getting off the ground. For those of us tired of the loneliness of working from home, this is where we can pool resources, meet new friends and spark fresh ideas.

This space has all the latest technology and quality equipment expected of a high-end office but, unlike almost every other co-working space, it has a large garden in which to work or relax in at the same time. Who said going to work in an office couldn’t be made an enjoyable experience? Battersea Design Works is a new style of more intimate, cosy and friendly co-working space than others offer so why not come and see what makes us different?

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Battersea Design Works

521-525 Battersea Park Road
London SW11 3BN

Tel. 07484 779955